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  1. Workout nutrition illustrated. What to eat before, during, and after exercise.

    What to eat before, during, and after exercise. By John Berardi and Brian St. Pierre We all know that what you eat is important. But so is when you eat, especially if you're active. That's why, in this infographic, we share what to eat before, during, and after exercise. Notes: 1.

  2. How Much Protein Should You Eat—and When?

    Researchers find we’re eating too much protein at the wrong times—and not enough at the right times.

  3. Intermittent Fasting: A Primer

    If you haven’t had a client ask about it yet, you will soon. Intermittent fasting has hit the mainstream, and a lot of peo- ple are taking notice. Proponents claim that intermittent fasting causes more rapid weight loss than other approaches; that it makes dieting easier; and that it improves blood glucose control and blood lipids. Does th...

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  4. Anatomy in Action: The Psoas Major

    The psoas major is one of the most controversial muscles among Pilates teachers and anatomy nerds. It’s a critical muscle for functional movement of any kind and affects almost everything we do, from sitting and standing to running and dancing.

  5. Tapping the Power of Protein

    Protein is always a hot topic. Carbs have been demonized. Fat has been on the chopping block. But protein? It earns a health halo, often connected to everything from weight loss to muscle gains.

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  6. 50 Awesome Pre and Post-Workout Snacks

    Eating a full meal before and after training isn't always easy, but don't skimp when it comes to snack time. Here are 50 simple recipes to hit the spot before and after workouts.

  7. Functional Training for Pregnancy

    Are you pregnant? Did you know that a woman’s body will change more in 9 months of pregnancy than a man’s will in his lifetime—and that you need an exercise program to match the transfor- mation? So says maternal exercise expert Farel Hruska, national fitness director of FIT4MOM® (a brand that includes Stroller Strides®) i...

  8. Evening Food Cravings Linked to Circadian System

    Despite best intentions, many people fall prey to unhealthy snack cravings in the late evening. But before you beat yourself up for being seduced by the siren song of your favorite duo—Ben and Jerry—new research suggests that perhaps we are hardwired for such eating patterns.

  9. Training Through the Transition

  10. 6 Simple Swaps for More Mindful Eating

    Replace clients' mindless eating with mindless eating solutions for everyday life.

  11. Top Reasons to Train in the Pool

  12. Foam Rolling- Applying the Technique of Self-myofascial Release - NASM Blog

    By Stacey Penney, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) stretching technique that has been embraced throughout the fitness industry. This effective and simple to do technique delivers positive, feel good results. Foam rollers have become easily accessible, either shared at the gym or found in almost any sporting goods aisle to bring home for a minimal investment.

  13. Resistance Training Periodization in Women: New Insight for Training Design

    Periodization offers a specific strategy for helping women get stronger with resistance training. It has been well documented that appropriate resistance training can help people across a broad range of ages, fitness levels and health statuses. Resistance training improves muscular strength, muscular endurance and body composition while assistin...

  14. Sample Class: Circuit Progressions

    To achieve results, your participants need to be challenged in new ways. If your strength training classes are circuit-style and you want to up the ante, try adding strategic progressions. This workout, a traditional circuit format, cycles through several exercises with minimal rest. The key is to challenge participants by adjusting a variable duri...

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