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The top trending headlines that 250,000 health & fitness experts think you should know today!

  1. A Handy Alternative to Counting Calories

    As a fitness professional or nutrition coach, you know calories matter. Fundamentally, human body weight is controlled by energy balance-calories in vs. calories out. But having clients meticulously count calories and track macronutrients is not the solution in most cases. That approach is often tedious, inexact and unsustainable. It takes h...

  2. Food and Addiction: The Dopamine Made Me Do It

    Two human behaviors explain why we’re still here: engaging in sex and consuming food. Both are inextricably linked by dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with reward and pleasure. It’s what motivates us to read all three volumes of Fifty Shades of Grey or to inhale a plate of mom’s homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. To date, p...

  3. 8 Ways to Add More Movement Throughout Your Day

    Finding time for a full workout can be tough, but fortunately you can get a lot of health benefits from short bouts of activity spread throughout your day. Here are 8 ways to add small bouts of physical activity to your day that can help you burn additional calories and improve your health.

  4. The Physiology of Fat Loss

    Fat may seem like the enemy of civilized people—especially sedentary ones. Yet we cannot live without it. Fat plays a key role in the structure and flexibility of cell membranes, and it helps regulate the movement of substances through those membranes. Special types of fat, known as eicosanoids, send hormone-like signals that exert intrica...

  5. How to Add Variety to Your HIIT Workouts

    There's no question that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are effective, but they can also be really challenging. Creating formats that have a variety of work and rest ratios is key to keeping clients engaged in the experience. Here are some ideas for how you can structure HIIT workouts for your clients.

  6. Mom-Of-3 Sara Vaughn Just Made Her First World Team And Had Everyone Cheering And Crying

    In a thrilling 1,500-meter USA championships final, Jenny Simpson took gold, followed by Kate Grace, who won the 800 meters at the Olympic Trials last summer. But it was Sara Vaughn, a Brooks-sponsored runner, full-time real estate agent and mom of three, who stole the show and had track fans, coaches and fellow elites alike in a total positively emotional frenzy.

  7. Gabe Grunewald Shares What Was Said In That Beautiful Post-Race Huddle At USA Championships

    Everyone witnessed that beautiful moment following heat one of the women's 1,500-meter first round at the USA Outdoor Championships, where all competitors gathered around Gabe Grunewald, who is battling cancer for the fourth time.

  8. Diaphragmatic Breathing’s Influence on Core Stability and Neck Pain

    Everyone from elite athletes to average clients can benefit from learning more about breathing or reprogramming the way they breathe. More specifically, by teaching them techniques that emphasize diaphragmatic breathing, you will help them meet their exercise goals.

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  9. Sample Class: Functional Strength for Older Adults

    Baby Boomers are constantly bombarded with promises to lift, tighten and rejuvenate their bodies and “turn back the clock.” Truthfully, fitness professionals can roll back the clock for older participants! When you improve strength and stability, you increase functionality and combat the effects of sarcopenia (age-related muscle loss).

  10. Protein: Portions, Intake and Timing

    Protein is always a hot topic. Carbs have been demonized. Fat has been on the chopping block. But protein? It earns a health halo, often connected to everything from weight loss to muscle gains. Maybe this is for good reason. After all, researchers and protein experts around the world are investigating protein’s optimal role in aging and sati...

  11. Recipe For Health: Kale Pesto

    These days, when many chefs are sourcing locally and seasonally, and abiding by sustainable practices, they may believe they are cooking healthy meals, says Emmanuel Verstraeten, founder and CEO of SPE Certified® (see related item). “While [sustainability] is an appropriate first step, it is not sufficient to close the loop on delivering ...

  12. Six Dumbbell Exercises for Your Core | MyFitnessPal

    Plank. Side planks. Sit ups. Crunches. Repeat. And while you'll get some results, you'll need extra intensity and new angles to target your core for a complete ab workout - that's where dumbbells come in. With these exercises, you'll not only hammer your core, but you'll also boost your total-body stability and strength.

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  13. Intermittent Fasting: A Primer

    If you haven’t had a client ask about it yet, you will soon. Intermittent fasting has hit the mainstream, and a lot of peo- ple are taking notice. Proponents claim that intermittent fasting causes more rapid weight loss than other approaches; that it makes dieting easier; and that it improves blood glucose control and blood lipids. Does th...

  14. Top Strategies for Optimal Recovery Between Workouts

    If you're interested in how you can maximize the benefits from your workouts, take a look at what you do after you exercise to help achieve optimal results. Following these top strategies can help you increase the effectiveness of the post-workout recovery period.

  15. Which Is Stronger: Habit or Willpower?

    Most of us think we’d be healthier if only we had the mental strength to make the right choices. New research suggests, however, that in the effort to change, habits may be more important than willpower.

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