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The top trending headlines that 250,000 health & fitness experts think you should know today!

  1. Workout nutrition illustrated. What to eat before, during, and after exercise.

    What to eat before, during, and after exercise. By John Berardi and Brian St. Pierre We all know that what you eat is important. But so is when you eat, especially if you're active. That's why, in this infographic, we share what to eat before, during, and after exercise. Notes: 1.

  2. The 3D Booty: Training the Glutes for Form and Function

    Booties, butts, glutes and rumps. Our fascination with enhancing our posterior spans the training spectrum, from the aesthetic-focused client to the performance-driven athlete. Yes, we want our backsides to look better, but we also need them to function more effectively, judging from the increasing number of knee and low-back injuries (Hoy et al. 2...

  3. Seniors and Self Myofascial Release

    The condition of our connective tissue depends on two factors—how old we are and what we have done in our lives to keep our tissue healthy, hydrated and flexible. The health of connective tissue is a serious concern for older people, as movement restrictions can make it hard for them to perform simple activities of daily living. While pers...

  4. 3-Step Meal Planning on the Weekend

    As with any healthy change, taking an incremental-steps approach is the way to be successful. We know this is true of adopting a new exercise regimen or healthy eating routine, and the same goes for meal planning. Starting small, by planning out just one type of meal for the week, can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by this process.

  5. Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments

    Movie stars, athletes and brides-to-be work hard to develop shoulders that are aesthetically pleasing, and shoulders are an integral part of the big somatic “picture.” However, there is much more going on in this area than meets the eye. The shoulder complex involves more than one joint, and healthy, functional shoulders are more desira...

  6. Why Older Exercisers Should Try Nordic Walking

    Nordic pole walking is a highly enjoyable, easy–to–learn way for exercisers of all ages to get outdoors and get moving. If you're unfamiliar with Nordic pole walking, this primer will provide key reasons why it can be such a good fit for your older–adult clients, in particular.

  7. Peripheral Arterial Disease and Exercise for Older Adults

    Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) occurs when plaque accumulates in the arteries of the legs. Reduced blood flow and loss of oxygen in the tissues beyond the obstruction cause localized muscular pain, or claudication, especially during exercise (Bulmer & Coombes 2004; Womack & Gardner 2003).

  8. Fascial Fitness: Training in the Neuromyofascial Web

    If you are interested in the role of fascia in fitness training, the following questions lead to new take-aways:

  9. Workplace Workouts

    How can fitness professionals help desk jockeys boost their daily activity levels? Perhaps it’s time to change the message. Instead of focusing on the risks of inactivity—which hasn’t made much headway —maybe we should appeal to career-oriented sensibilities and explain how even 5 minutes of movement can make people more suc...

  10. Stretching For Men

    Many men struggle with inflexibility and diminished joint range of motion, especially as they age. Hip tightness, for example, can hinder athletic performance and possibly lead to various injuries. Unfortunately, stretching often takes a back seat to cardiovascular and strength training.

  11. 6 Simple Swaps for More Mindful Eating

    Replace clients' mindless eating with mindless eating solutions for everyday life.

  12. Food Journals Can Help Women Lose Weight

    It’s not exactly a new strategy for aiding weight loss, but if you aren’t currently using food journals with clients who are trying to shed pounds, recent research suggests that perhaps you should be. Scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center summarized the following from their study, which appeared in the July 16 onli...

  13. Digital Detoxing

    Cellphones, computers, tablets. All of these are important tools. But technology can seep into every moment of your life and take over. Do you need to step away from email or give your smartphone a rest from time to time? Digital detoxing is becoming increasingly popular as a response to tech overload. Discover the benefits of setting limits arou...

  14. Does Post-Exercise Soreness = Muscle Development?

    Do you have to be sore in order to qualify your workout as “good”? Brad Schoenfeld, ReebokONE Expert Contributor, explains why that usually is not the case.

  15. Training the Pelvic Core

    "I wish someone had told me this could happen to my body after having a baby!" . . . "Why did my doctor tell me I could return to exercise at my 6–week checkup?"

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