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$50 Off!
2018 IDEA World Video Bundle
41 handpicked sessions from the World's best fitness, wellness and nutrition event. Outrageous Pre-Order Price. Less Than $4 Per Video!
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Offer ends 8/31/18

30% Off! New Certificate
Shoulders and Glutes
Product launch special pricing! Creating Full-Body Stability: Shoulders and Glutes Certificate. Earn up to 8 CECs.
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Offer ends 8/1/18

Low-Cost Liability Insurance—$0.26/Day
Professional liability insurance policies cover liability and trip-and-fall claims wherever you are training clients: at clubs, in homes, at the YMCA, at parks, anywhere.
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Try IDEA Membership for FREE

Join a community of 250,000 fitness professionals. Surround yourself with the best—IDEA members earn 74% more money and stay in the industry for 60% longer than the industry average.  

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30% Off New Corrective
Exercise Courses
Help your clients alleviate pain. Learn from world-renowned corrective exercise expert Justin Price, creator of The Biomechanics Method®.
Coupon Code: TBMM30
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Offer ends 8/1/18
*Excludes The Biomechanics Method® Corrective Exercise Specialist Program

7-Day Free Trial to
Get unlimited access to over 800 streaming videos and 250 CEC approved online courses.
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Courses approved by over 25 CEC agencies.

50% Off IDEAfit
Social Poster
Perfect for busy fit pros that want to engage with their audience on social media with little effort!
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Offer ends 8/1/18