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Yoga Anatomy 101
Discover a new way to map the body in terms of the fascial fabric and the neuromuscular system. Earn up to 10 CECs.
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30% Off! Fascia Release for Yoga with Ariele Foster
Get trained in fascial release techniques to fix trouble spots and achieve optimal whole-body health.
Earn up to 10 CECs!
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30% Off! Nutrition & Behavior Change Certificate Vol 2.

Where Nutrition Science Meets Practical Application.
Earn up to 7 CECs.
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30% Off Our New Course
Exclusive to IDEA!
Len Kravitz, PhD provides an evidence-based program on a wide-spectrum of weight management topics!
Earn up to 8 CECs

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A Podcast for Fitness Professionals. All About Fitness
Hosted by Pete McCall. Learn everything you wanted to know about exercise straight from the people who invent the products and create the workouts that make you sweat.
Low-Cost Liability Insurance
Only $0.26/Day
Professional liability insurance policies cover liability and trip-and-fall claims wherever you are training clients: at clubs, in homes, at the YMCA, at parks, anywhere.
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