Waka Warm Up

by Sarah Artha Negara


This standing warm up is part of a full-length workout shot in the yard of a villa at Waka Ganga Resort in Bali, Indonesia. It is meant to be both a calming and challenging warm-up focusing on the principles of breath and relaxation. All too often our fast paced lives, toxic environments, jobs, and interactions with technology (ironic, I know), leave us short-of-breath, full of tension, and poor postural habits. Slowing down to pay attention to our BREATH can help refuel our bodies. Breathing deeply is like taking an internal shower to detoxify the body. "In with the good air, out with the bad," Joseph Pilates used to say. RELAXING unnecessary tension in our body teaches us to move more efficiently which relieves pressure on our joints, muscles, and fascia. The result is a healthier more enjoyable body that allows us to return to our lives feeling rejuvenated and ready to thrive“

About the Presenter

Sarah Artha Negara

Sarah Artha Negara IDEA Author/Presenter

Sarah is a Master Pilates Instructor & Educator offering Pilates Teacher Trainings and Workshops throughout the country and abroad. Like many Pilates instructors, Sarah's movement education is rooted in a lifetime of dance training. She has been teaching dance, Pilates, and yoga for over 15 years and has a strong passion for continuing education and helping others to feel great & live with "spontaneous zest & pleasure"~JP. She has taught at University of California, Santa Cruz, Cabrillo College, Mission College, and at numerous Pilates studios and fitness centers. She currently teaches at her studio, Bali Body Pilates, in Santa Cruz and at College of San Mateo. Sarah is available for hire as an On-Site Master Instructor through Balanced Body. Sarah is the Founder and Director of College of San Mateo's Pilates Instructor Certificate Program (PICP), offering high quality education at an affordable community college price. Students who graduate from her program also qualify to receive a Balanced Body teaching certificate and the ability to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance Certification exam. To find out more visit www.collegeofsanmateo.edu/pilates and/or call Sarah to find out more details! As a Balanced Body Faculty member, Sarah offers On-Site Mat, Reformer, Apparatus, Anatomy In Three Dimensions, and the *NEW* Balanced Body Barre certificate courses. She also offers CEC workshops via Balanced Body and Independently. Visit her website to learn more. www.balibodypilates.com