Tennis Fitness and Conditioning for the Weekend Warrior

by LaRue Cook


This video introduces the trainer and their tennis-playing clients to a few exercises to enhance their performance on the court.

About the Presenter

LaRue Cook

LaRue Cook IDEA Author/Presenter

Hi and welcome to my profile. My name is LaRue. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Performance coach. I have extensive experience in designing safe and effective fitness programs for clients of all ages, both general fitness clients and athletes. The cornerstone of my practice is working with clients looking to improve their overall fitness, their sports performance, reduce their risk of injury, or post-rehab clients looking to return to full functionality after physical therapy. I have put on fitness clinics at Inova Health for both their patients and therapists, as well as received direct patient referrals from local physical therapists following their approved physical therapy. In addition to the basic personal training certification, I have studied and earned advanced certifications in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Performance and Injury Prevention. I work with a wide-variety of clients, Including general fitness clients, athletes of all ages, and post-rehab clients - each presenting with their own individual goals and needs. In addition to Personal Training and Sports Performance work for individuals and small groups, I also provide Corporate Wellness services to companies and employers of all sizes. I have served as Fitness Director to a larger Corporate Fitness facility, as well as Director of Wellness, Fitness and Recreation at a local College. In both capacities, I was responsible for programming safe and effective fitness and wellness programs for a wide-variety of employees. I believe in making fitness, wellness and health accessible to everyone, and in that regard, I am prepared to work with you in a variety of training locations. Whether we train at your home, outdoors, your office or one of the studios that I am affiliated with, convenience and flexibility in scheduling and location is the cornerstone of my practice. In addition to my reasonable training fees, I am a Participating Provider to over 20 health insurance companies, which translates to an immediate discount to you if you hold a valid insurance cards from the participating companies. You can contact me for details. I have dedicated my 23+ years of training, writing and research to helping females of all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels achieve their health and fitness goals, whether they be related to sports performance or to general health and wellness. I am PASSIONATE about helping you, my client achieve whatever fitness and health-related goals you have set for yourself. My work in the field of exercise, fitness and health has led to my authoring dozens of articles for several health and fitness publications. In 2004 I was selected for the distinct honor of being one of only two Certified Personal Trainers in the United States to sit on the Board of Examiners for the National Board of Fitness Examiners. In 2009 I authored a Continuing Education course for the International Sports Sciences Association. Most recently (2016) I was honored by the Exercise is Medicine Program (a joint-initiative of the American Medical Association and American College of Sportsmedicine) by being one of only ten Fitness Professionals worldwide as having forged a working relationship between the medical and fitness professions. Authoring and publishing these types of pieces is my way of connecting and educating people that I might not otherwise reach. My style of training can be characterized as FUN but CHALLENGING. My client base is diverse - take a look at my "Success Story," and my uploaded Video to get a sense of the breadth of clients I work with. So, now you know a bit about me and my passion for what I do. What is your fitness goal? Your passion related to your health? Whatever it may be, my promise to you is that if we work together you will receive my undivided attention and best efforts in helping you get there!