Tank Workout

by Jeffrey Rupnick


Tank workout yesterday was glorious! I love using all the different tools at my disposal to keep my fitness regimen exciting! It was challenging, but fun... worked my body in ways that I'm not used to. This is a good way to fight against the boredom that can sometimes come with doing the same work out all the time. Switch it up! Keep it fresh!

About the Presenter

Jeffrey Rupnick

Jeffrey Rupnick IDEA Author/Presenter

CERTIFICATIONS: NSCA-CPT Onnit Academy Certified Battle Rope Specialist SPECIALTIES: Full Body Functional Training, Mind Body Connection INTERESTS/HOBBIES: Healthy Living, volleyball, my family is very important to me so I like to spend as much time with them as possible, hanging out with my dogs; reading books an always trying to find new topics to learn about; spending time outside when the weather is nice; live music, I do lots of volunteer work and enjoy it thoroughly. PHILOSOPHY: I believe that a healthy body is only half of the battle, but having a healthy, positive mind can turn one's life around. I meditate regularly and it has helped me immensely. I believe in the golden rule and try; to live by it; treat others as I would as I would like to be treated. I try not to nothing about. I believe in being friendly, helping others in any that I can, and treating others with kindness.