Speed & Agility Day

by Bradley Lloyd

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A 45 min session focused on performance, technique and intensity.

About the Presenter

Bradley Lloyd

Bradley Lloyd IDEA Author/Presenter

12 years ago, I started on a journey. An active kid and a college athlete, I liked the way my body moved and felt when I was performing physically. In my Senior year in College, I made the difficult choice to hang up the cleats. I felt called in another direction. There was a voice; I wasn’t sure where it was coming from but this voice was telling me to lead, motivate, and teach. That is when I decided to redirect my energy to helping people, praying the way to do this would be revealed. I began to coach high school football at my alma mater with a few of the same coaches who once coached me. I loved motivating and teaching the students how to perform better. Coaching was enjoyable but it wasn’t quite “it” for me. Not having the same workout schedule as a college athlete, I was beginning to notice life catching up to me physically. Coaching football and playing football were 2 very different activity levels. I was teaching young adults how to drive and motivate themselves, the real test would be could I work in my own Performance + Wellness? I created a program of cleaner eating and working out. I wanted my performance back! My family members noticed not only my dedication but the difference my program was making for me. They asked if I had considered becoming a fitness coach or a trainer. Often I would get the “have you thought about training people?” question. In the beginning, it would go in one ear and out the other. One of my lovely aunts asked if she could pay me to come to her home and work with her to build up her core strength. We worked together for a few weeks, she got the results she was looking for! I considered it a HUGE success! AND I was hooked!