September Workout of the Month

by Morgan White


- 1 mile on treadmill alternating between a moderate jog and a sprint 3 sets (30-60 sec break between sets): - Cable triceps extension, choose a heavy weight – 10 reps - Cable triceps pushdown, choose a moderate weight – 15 reps - 1 mile on stationary bike alternating between a moderate jog and a sprint 3 sets moderate-heavy weight, 12 reps: - Chest flys - Back flys 3 sets alternating between the two machines: - .25 mile sprint on treadmill - 2 min sprint on stationary bike

About the Presenter

Morgan White

Morgan White IDEA Author/Presenter

I was never into fitness, but I was always active; then I developed hypothyroidism and put on a lot of weight, which I just couldn't lose. I was so frustrated, depressed and just felt like I didn't want to be out in public, so I started working out with a personal trainer who also helped me with my diet. I learned how to exercise and eat properly and now here I am 50 lbs lighter and much stronger, happier and healthier! But once I reached my goals, I knew that the long road ahead would be tough. That's when I learned the importance of goal setting. My fitness journey has developed through the encouragement of others which led to confidence in myself and my abilities. Because of this, I want to give back and I love inspiring others to reach their fitness goals too! Since then I've become a certified personal trainer and never looked back. This holds me accountable to myself and helps me maintain my weight loss goals. As a certified personal trainer I can help you: - lose weight - gain muscle - tone up - correct muscular imbalances - increase flexibility - increase cardiovascular endurance - increase core strength - break through plateaus - design safe, effective, efficient and fun exercise programs - expedite goals through better nutrition - Find the JOY in fitness!