About the Presenter

Lisa Austin

Lisa Austin IDEA Author/Presenter

I have always been active and when I was younger I played all sorts of sports, volleyball and basketball were favourites until I developed knee issues due to being a flatfoot. I had two boys and life started getting hectic. After a while I felt I didn’t have time to be as active as I was previously and like most people I started struggling with my weight and body image. A few years ago I was in a car accident and I had hurt all the soft tissue in my back and my quality of life quickly deteriorated as I was in constant pain. Life became a challenge; it was then that I decided to start making long term changes in my lifestyle. My fitness journey started four years ago from necessity; that turned into an interest which developed into a passion. Since then I have lost the unwanted weight. I have gained muscle and strength. I have learned that strengthening your body effectively treats aches and pains. Now, I enjoy working with people and teaching them about nutrition, physical activities, and self-awareness while on their own journey.