Kettle Bell Deadlift

by Gabriel Grove


Kettle Bell deadlift is a hinge movement using the hips in such a way that promotes strength and power through the posterior chain (lower back, glutes and hamstrings).

About the Presenter

Gabriel Grove

Gabriel Grove IDEA Author/Presenter

The body is an amazing machine, and the mind is a powerful tool. Use them in the right way and you can achieve anything. In training my clients I love to educate and encourage through programming a relevant fitness program that includes periodized progressions that fit the needs of each individual client. Mobility, flexibility and efficiency in healthy and safe movements for any age and level of fitness and activity level. I also run a karate school, I have been in a Japanese based Martial Arts system called Soryu Karate since 1998. I've been operating and teaching in my school/dojo since 2010. The training over years has given me deep insight into how the body works, and doe snot work, core stability, flexibility, coordination skills, balance and muscle recruitment for sports specific movements. My training career started at the YMCA in New Braunfels Texas where I got certified through AFAA and started teaching Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat. Over the years of training in a wide veriaty of gyms, and assisting in a chiropractic clinic as a fitness trainer I grounded myself in Gold's Gym where I currently train.