Kennesaw CrossFit - Sample Workout

by Deron Singh


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About the Presenter

Deron Singh

Deron Singh IDEA Author/Presenter

I have been in the fitness industry for 3 years. I enjoy helping people and love living the lifestyle. I have helped many people in Atlanta, GA meet their goals, overcome limitations, and challenge themselves. I believe it is extremely important to stay on top of the ever-changing fitness industry as a certified personal trainer/athletic trainer. There are so many innovations happening in the fitness industry so I want to ensure my clients get the most current information on maximizing their training program. The thing that excites me about training people is that no two individuals are the same. The challenges each client faces, while attaining their fitness goals and how the trainer over comes them, is what separates a good personal trainer from an average one. Ultimately, my goal as your trainer is for you to obtain the results you want while having a blast doing so!