Fox news gets Ninja!

by Annika Kahn


About the Presenter

Annika Kahn

Annika Kahn IDEA Author/Presenter

I love working out with swords. Why? Because the aerodynamically cut levers allow for quick access to power, speed, and flexibility. In addition, Jungshin Fitness is a fun ninja way to find alignment both physically and mentally and tap into your warrior attributes. I am passionate about movement and believe both spine and sweat are the elixirs of life. My workouts are designed to kick your butt with love. The Bio: Annika Kahn is the founder of Jungshin Fitness. She is a lifelong athlete and a 4-time world grand champion in the Korean Art of Kuk Sool Won, achieving the rank of 4th degree black belt. Her Jungshin Fitness workout has been featured on ABC, NBC, and in SHAPE, Martha Stewart's Whole Living, and Prevention magazines. She is a national presenter and develops programs that apply to youth, adults, and seniors. Annika offers instructor training's worldwide as well as education and corporate seminars on the connection between positive mental health and movement. Annika brings 20 years of experience in both eastern and western modalities of fitness to instructors, students, and fitness clubs in fun and inspiring ways. She holds a masters degree in the Psychology of Movement and integrates her passion and studies of molecular biology, physics, and mind/body movement into a cohesive and easily accessible format for all ages. Annika currently lives in San Francisco, California. For more please click here,