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Fireman Carry

by Katie Dawers


Fire man carry and squat 205 lbs

About the Presenter

Katie Dawers

Katie Dawers IDEA Author/Presenter

Katie comes from a long life of athleticism, beginning with soccer as a toddler, going on to win the 50 yard dash in elementary school, in middle school winning the 200 meter sprint, and continuing in high school playing softball. After high school Katie decided to continue with her passion in fitness. After having her son Cole, she began exercising with kettlebells. This brought her into fitness modeling for several companies such as Nuun Hydration, Nike Marathon, Nike Sport, Compax and many more. Additionally, Katie has found that there was much more to fitness then exercising. Katie has a deep understanding of what exercising really means, not only to the body but the mind as well. Katie has developed a keen and very deep connection with fitness. In addition, Katie has learned the importance of nutrition and its role in fitness. Katie has found in her journey after careful and private research how to make eating not only healthy, but fun and do-able too. Katie enjoys sharing her passion with all of her clients and teaching them how to live the most rewarding life of all... The life of pure and happy health!