It’s time we come face to face with, well . . . faces!  We’ve done a great job with pandemic- mandated virtual pivots, but now we can turn our energy back to in-person learning—and the 2022 IDEA® World Convention is the perfect place where we can face the future together. Without hesitation. Without limits.

IDEA World is, on one hand, serious business. You will learn things that will help your career. We’re proud of our 40 years of commitment to the industry, our comprehensive content and the incredible opportunities for participants.

IDEA World is also a fresh and joyful celebration of the future. There is nothing quite like the energy force that erupts when thousands of fitness pros get together!

Limitless Vision

“Online learning has its purpose and served us all well for the past couple of years. It kept us connected,” says IDEA’s editor in chief, Sandy Todd Webster. “But there is nothing like the contented feeling of learning new concepts together from a talented presenter in person—and then being able to discuss new concepts, meet the expert and keep the conversation going when the session is over. That’s the kind of opportunity a live event gifts to us. It’s gives us an extra few degrees of connection and comprehension.”

Angela Yochum, MEd, agrees. Yochum has nearly two decades of experience as an ACE-certified group fitness instructor. “Energized! That’s how I feel every time I leave a fitness conference,” she says. “You look into the eyes of others in the room, laugh with them, learn from them and understand their passion because you feel it, too! I’m eager to implement fresh ideas and coaching tips into my fitness classes—a feeling I rarely have after completing an online course. Although I’ll be the first to admit that I need digital learning opportunities for their sheer convenience, I still crave live fitness education experiences.”

Yochum points to research that bears out the effectiveness of in-person events. “According to a national research study, 78% of more than 1,000 students surveyed said it was easier to learn in a classroom,” she explains. “Imagine you’re reading about a revolutionary new idea during an online fitness course. It sounds amazing, yet it feels abstract. Now, imagine attending a conference session on the same topic: You see the concept in action, hear details in person and experience the subject by doing. In which circumstance do you learn better?” You can learn more about Yochum’s research here.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

All this great learning only really matters, though, if the lessons themselves will help you—personally and professionally. Whether you’re a new instructor or a seasoned pro, keeping up-to-date with the latest wellness research and trends is vital to the health of your career. You may have made some hard turns lately, but are you ready for what comes next? What tools can you put in your toolbox? How can you get inspired and stay inspired?

At IDEA World, more than 160 presenters from every facet of the fitness and wellness industry offer you a completely customizable learning experience. You choose the curriculum that informs new skills, new moves and renewed motivation. One look at the event brochure proves that, even if you’ve been to IDEA World before, there is completely new content to explore. Never made this investment in yourself and your career before? It’s dazzling to most first-timers—not just the actual content, but the people and connections you’ll make.

“Over my many years at IDEA I’ve heard the same stories time and again about our events, but this is particularly true of IDEA World,” says Webster, “If you go in with a simple roadmap and a game plan of who you want to meet and follow through on it, the experience can change your career trajectory overnight. You might find your dream job. What you learn can get you back on path; it can set you on a different path altogether or profoundly change your life.”

The Face of Our Industry

Those who have attended IDEA World will attest to the value of the investment. The education, IDEA World Fitness and Nutrition Expo, awards and networking all make this the premier event in our industry. There’s so much to see and do.

Still, it’s been a wild ride since March 2020, and IDEA wanted to make sure that the event was financially feasible for fit pros whose bottom lines have suffered. It’s easy to talk about it, but IDEA wanted to make the value real. That’s why until June 24, IDEAfit + Members can choose a 4-day, full-access event registration for just $164! That’s right! For just $41 per day, you can absorb all that IDEA World has to offer.

We encourage you to help your fellow fit pros be a part of the experience—and IDEAfit+ Membership. Tell your friends and colleagues that the bundle price for nonmembers—which includes four days of IDEA World plus a 1-year IDEAfit+ Membership, is just $363. Like you, they will enjoy unlimited CECs; IDEA’s award-winning content, such as Fitness Journal; and more).

“Fitness education in a live setting still remains the cornerstone of higher learning,” says Yochum. “It’s the environment where you are likely to realize the most professional growth. So don’t wait—earn your next continuing education credits within a learning community that you’ll go home from feeling energized and having made new friends.”