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Join Keiser’s international cycling celebrity Paco Gonzalez for a truly inspiring indoor cycling class. Ride Inspired is an energizing workout that combines the best of rhythm, race and rush. Pedal to empowering music, maximize your interval time and optimize your power output through effective cycling profiles and personal connections. Come join the journey and be…

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161 COFFEE TALK: Nutrition Hacks From the Pros for the Pros

Got burning questions about nutrition? Tune into this expert-led session designed with you in mind. Fitness industry experts’ FAQs will be brought to life in this presentation that will also be peppered with pro tips and myth busters. We’ll decode nutrition science and offer lifehacks so you can make your lifestyle diet—from keto to macro-counting—work. Finally, we’ll look…

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273 STOTT PILATES® Functional Towel Workout

The STOTT PILATES® Functional Towel Workout is the ideal program for those who are active and on the go. This simple, easy-to-follow routine requires minimal time and equipment yet yields maximal results. The Conditioning Towel provides just the right degree of support and stability to optimize core activation, increase strength and improve joint range of…

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272 How to Build and Online Personal Training Studio

My PT Hub’s COO, Lewis Agnew presents this exciting Afternoon Energizer designed to leave you feeling excited and inspired! In this session, Lewis will talk you through How to Build an Online Personal Training Studio, from considering your branding right through to recruiting staff and using online software.

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