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360 Advanced Strategies for Recovery from Exercise

Rest is just as important as exercise when considering optimal performance. However, there are many ways to help the body recover from the damage training creates. Move beyond basic nutrition, hydration and sleep strategies to explore emerging technologies to improve exercise recovery—all at your fingertips. You’ve got nothing to lose but gains!

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Spotlight Session: 10 Steps to Customer Retention

Paul Brown Sunday, July 11 • 3:15–4:15pm The financial return on your efforts, the value of your business, and your reputation are all dependent on how long and how happy you can keep the customers, members and clients you attract. Plus, your competition used to be limited to your location, but with the advent of…

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2021 IDEA Awards Presentation

Saturday, July 10 • 4:20–5:00pm Tune in to see who will be named the Fitness Leader, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor of the Year. Plus, Chalene Johnson accepts the prestigious IDEA Jack LaLanne Award presented by Elaine LaLanne, and Wesley Hamilton accepts the IDEA Fitness Inspiration Award.

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