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We don't want to see you go!

We understand the devastating effects the pandemic has had on fitness professionals and our entire industry. IDEA has been working hard and listening to our members to provide more value in our membership at a fraction of the price.

Our new IDEAfit+ Membership provides “all-you-can-eat” access including unlimited CECs, ungated science-based content, business resources, event discounts, partner deals, and plenty of other tools to run your business. We don’t want to see you go and as a thank you for being a previous IDEA member, we’d like to offer you $20 OFF our new IDEAfit+ Membership. Use code IDEAff20 at checkout. Learn more about IDEAfit+Membership

If you still feel like cancelling your membership, please take a moment to let us know why you are cancelling so we can improve our services and earn your membership back in the future.

What is the primary reason for cancelling your IDEA membership?