The Coronavirus crisis is demanding that most professions work and communicate virtually for our own health and safety. Did you know that IDEA Liability Insurance (which you may already have) covers both virtual training and online video instruction for fitness pros? Virtual training in fitness is here to stay and likely will be an added revenue stream for fitness pros post-COVID-19.

Tips for mitigating risk when conducting training online:

  • Have your clients sign a waiver. While these waivers aren’t bulletproof, they are proven to initiate more caution with clients.
  • Use a live feed vs. recorded videos. Similar to providing services in person, you understand the importance of keeping an eye on your client to make sure he/she doesn’t injure themselves.
  • Develop an emergency plan, in the event one of your clients is injured during an online session. If one of your clients is injured, you want to make sure you have the necessary information to provide assistance immediately.

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