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COVID-19 Support Center

IDEA built this page to support fitness professionals and their businesses through this challenging time. Check back often for information and resources to help you, your clients and your business.

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Business support for fitness professionals during COVID-19

Expert Business Support

Practical advice and guidance to help you thrive.

Business Evolution

Virtual Fitness

Career Development & Leadership

New client development for fitness professionals during COVID-19

New Client Development

More resources to help your business grow.

Self-care for fitness professionals during COVID-19

Fit Pro Self-Care

Invest time in your own health.


Stress Relief & Wellness


Financial Support

COVID-19 tools and products for fitness professionals

Tools and Products

Downloadable materials and links to available resources.

Product Discounts

Sorry, we couldn't find any posts.

Sample Classes

Membership & Insurance


Virtual platforms for fitness professionals during COVID-19

Virtual Training, Social Media and Engagement

Links to popular virtual technology platforms for your business.