Your Health & Fitness Career

Are you Considering a Career in the Fitness Industry?

Starting Your Career

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What’s Your End Game in Fitness?

by Amanda Vogel, MA
Deciding on the right career path can be an overwhelming process. Great news! The fitness industry offers an abundance of opportunities for a variety of personality types, aspirations, skill sets and interests. Discover how to make your next (or very first!) career move in the fitness industry, and learn where those exciting initial steps may lead you.

The Best Education for Success in the Fitness Industry

by Jan Schroeder, PhD
Do you have questions about whether to take an academic path or even which one to consider? We’ve got answers for you! Students’ FAQs about why they should pursue an academic route in a health and fitness discipline are addressed here.

Certification Update

by Alexandra Williams, MA
There is much talk about certification, accreditation and licensure in the fitness industry today. As you start your career, it’s important to have a grasp of this trio of topics—especially certification--because they can affect your ability to get hired and work legally. Read on to learn the facts.

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