221: Vital Anatomy: Functional Applications

Time Block F - Saturday, 9:40-11:30am
Presented by: Michol Dalcourt
Session Format: Lecture

Why do we have a talus? Why is our pelvis an interdependent ring? How do the muscles of our legs move our upper body? Anatomy is subservient to function, and when we understand functioning anatomy, we maximize the efficiency of our body. In this interactive session, we'll discuss: exercise and movement applications that are consistent with the body's design; a 6-step process for choosing the right exercise for the right client; and the "new science" of anatomy and how it is changing the way we train. Join us as we take a glimpse into the future of training.

Michol Dalcourt

IDEA Author/Presenter
Michol Dalcourt is an educator, trainer, inventor and industry leader in human movement and performa... more less