601: Fascial Release and Neural Muscular Training to Unlock Your Performance Potential, Powered by SKLZ®

Time Block C - Friday, 8:30-10:30am
Presented by: Michael Cummings
Session Format: Workshop

Learn the "unlocks" of the human body to help you move better, faster, stronger and with better balance. Find out how to listen to the "talking" fascia and unlock it to create a balanced length-tension ratio to improve muscle health. Discover how to use potentiation and overloading techniques to stimulate neuromuscular pathways that will lead to better supramaximal levels of high performance living. Acquire recovery and cellular rejuvenation strategies that will decrease your down times and improve your performance gains.

Michael Cummings

IDEA Author/Presenter
Strength and Conditioning Coach SKLZ Global Senior Director of Human Performance and Fitness Genes... more less