010: Twist Conditioning: Training the Fascial Lines (L/WS)

Thursday, 12:00-6:30pm
Session Format: Lecture / Workshop

Implementing the best strategies to train the human machine can be both challenging and complex. Results are directly related to the demands imposed. Using a systematic training method founded in myofascial science creates a clean path to performance gains. Learn how the secrets of muscle and fascia synergy can be applied to a proven training methodology that builds a body designed for all the unpredictable circumstances of real life!

Keynote Address: Everyone Is an Athlete
There is an athlete in all of us! Whether you are working with recreational athletes, competitive athletes or elite super stars, discover the philosophy behind an athletic training system that is sure to elevate your game! (Lecture)

Reawaken Your Biomechanics
Experience a state-of-the-art self-myofascial compression technique using Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools to reset youthful elasticity and strong movement mechanics. (Theory and Practical Application)

Strong From the Inside Out
Training the body using a deep-to-superficial 3-D approach creates perfect synergy between stability, mobility and power production for maximum muscle development. (Theory and Practical Application)

Mobilize Your Machine
Incorporate this sport-inspired muscle-lengthening routine to dynamically load the body and enjoy massive improvements in mobility. (Practical Application)

This preconference includes two short breaks and one 30-minute break.
Continuing education credits from agencies are pending.
By Peter Twist, MSc, Cassidy Phillips

Peter Twist, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter
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Cassidy Phillips

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