702: Twice the HIIT With Mindy Mylrea and SGT Ken® (Showcase Session)

Time Block V - Saturday, 4:40-5:40pm
Session Format: Workout

This session utilizes highly effective and exciting Tabata (20:10) and military-style (60:60) interval training techniques to keep you exercising at close to 100% of your maximum effort for a specific interval of time, followed by a short recovery period. This cycle is repeated several times within a 60-minute period in order to burn the stored glycogen in your body and help you to continue to burn fat for the next 36 hours. It's a race against the clock as participants are challenged to perform their absolute best using body-weight exercises and partner-assisted drills. Rated for all levels.


Mindy Mylrea

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mindy Mylrea is the owner of FitFlix Productions and the creator of Gliding™, the gliding discs... more less

Sergeant Ken Weichert

IDEA Author/Presenter
Ken Weichert (aka SGT Ken®) CSP™, USA-MRT, USA-MFT, ACE-GFI is an award-winning international spe... more less