145: TPPT: SMRT-CORE™Myofascial Total-Body Training

Time Block C - Friday, 2:40-4:30pm
Session Format: Workshop

Are you ready to try a revolutionary approach that will improve your clients' biomechanical function while strengthening the entire body? SMRT–CORE will do just that! This unique format uses an integrated, inhibitory, strength–training process to address myofascial slings, lines and muscular movement patterns for the purpose of creating structural integrity. Erase your mental imprint of foam rolling and join the SMRT–CORE revolution!


Jamie Howell, MS

IDEA Author/Presenter
Jamie Howell, MS, is the SMRT–CORE™ programming and development manager for Trigger Poin... more less

Cassidy Phillips

IDEA Author/Presenter
Cassidy Phillips is the CEO and co–founder of Trigger Point Performance Therapy. He is a biome... more less