245: TPPT: Pre-Gen—A Revolutionary Approach to Fascial Lines and Muscular Movement

Time Block G - Saturday, 2:40-5:30pm
Presented by: Cassidy Phillips
Session Format: Workshop

Myofascial release is movement-enhancing programming that brings pliability and elasticity to the muscle prior to activity. In this session, trainers will learn sport–specific, pretraining myofascial compression techniques (MCT) that build pliability and the proper length-tension relationships in order for muscles to be optimized. Pre-Gen, based on MCT, will bridge the gap between preparing the body to move and recovery. We know that when muscles are unable to tolerate the demands placed upon them, compromise will occur. So train your clients with purpose by preparing their bodies to move.


Cassidy Phillips

IDEA Author/Presenter
Cassidy Phillips is the CEO and co–founder of Trigger Point Performance Therapy. He is a biome... more less