345 : TPPT: Cold Myofascial Compression Techniques for Recovery

Time Block H - Saturday, 2:50-4:40pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Cassidy Phillips

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Type: Session

Item: VA13-S345


Experience the benefits of cryotherapy with MCT for enhanced recovery and regeneration. Introducing cold compression with range of motion immediately after exercise will decrease the negative effects of inflammation and in turn, reduce muscle soreness and muscle spasms for any level of athlete. If used appropriately for injury, the cold sensation can override the pain sensation (pain gate theory) and prevent the development of future muscle imbalances.

About the Author

Cassidy Phillips

Cassidy Phillips IDEA Author/Presenter

Cassidy Phillips is a biomechanical specialist concentrating on sports performance, injury prevention and the muscular structure that supports the efforts of the body in motion. His objective is to recognise the biomechanical challenges of movement and actions of everyday life and marry them with the biomechanical inefficiencies recognised within patterns of movement defined by a sport of choice or through sedentary patterns of movement such as sitting, walking and running.