125: Top 5 Performance Enhancers for Fitness

Time Block B1 - Wednesday, 11:50am-1:05pm (Special Time)
Presented by: Mike Bracko, EdD
Session Format: Lecture

Up the ante when training your clients by using the proven top 5 performance enhancers. Join Mike for this cutting edge lecture about ways to take your clients’ fitness or performance to the next level without talking about specific workouts. Sleep, proper hydration, post workout snacks, recovery techniques (foam rolling), and training when the body is at peak circadian rhythm are the five techniques you can put in your toolbox. This lecture will enlighten attendees because we discuss nontraditional methods of improving fitness and performance, and how to make a dramatic improvement in overall health.


Mike Bracko, EdD

IDEA Author/Presenter
My passion is working with hockey players to improve their skating performance. I do this with on-i... more less