127: The TRUTH About Core Training

Time Block C - Friday, 2:15-5:05pm
Presented by: Nick Tumminello
Session Format: Workshop

Discover the scientifically-proven, best core training methods and most effective exercises for your abs and lower back to prevent injury, increase strength and improve performance! This eye-opening workshop will reveal the truth about the transverse abdominis and why just about everything you know about training the TVA may be wrong; the "real truth" about the psoas and why it's the most misunderstood muscle in the body; and the difference between core strength and core stability and why our current approach to improving both aspects needs to change. We'll also look at the three most important ways of improving core function our industry has totally missed out on. Get a glimpse of many new, never-before-seen core training concepts and exercises. You don't know about core training unless you've been to this workshop!

Nick Tumminello

IDEA Author/Presenter
Nick Tumminello Nick Tumminello is the director of Performance University and is a nationally recogn... more less