104 : The Digital Fitness Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Formula to Launch Your First Online Coaching Program

Wednesday, 8:30am-5:30pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Vito LaFata and Anna Renderer

Type: Session

Item: CA19-P104


Want to end the burnout and limits of your career? Get more time off and still earn income?

Reach more people with your message and expertise? Elevate your authority and impact within your niche? Then you’re ready to finally get started building your digital fitness programs and business! Whether you want to build your first online program or course as a way of reaching more people and creating passive income, or build a completely online or hybrid (online and offline) business, you will get the blueprint in this full-day workshop.

Topics covered in the course include:

Course Building: Find the topic and message for your first course. Get the steps for creating the content for your program.
Social Media: Learn how to attract customers and followers across your social media sites and which strategies are best for your brand.
Marketing: Learn how to structure, price, set up, market and sell your program.
Technology: Understand technology platforms and how to deliver outstanding service so you can run your program like a pro.

1-hour lunch is on your own.

About the Author

Vito LaFata

Vito LaFata IDEA Author/Presenter

I like to consider myself the NO BS business educator, personal brand coach, and certified high performance coach to the wellness and fitness professional…” Right here is where you usually encounter the 3rd party corporate voice talking to you about someone in the 3rd person about all their accomplishments and achievements and that’s cool. But, don’t you usually start to feel a little disconnect from the author, speaker, presenter, coach, trainer, owner, whatever it is that you came to check out on their website to see if they would be a good fit for you to learn from? I do. So, since this is my site, I thought I would take a different approach, have some fun and talk to you direct and keep it real. I am Vito La Fata, and I like to consider myself the NO BS business educator, personal brand coach, and certified high performance coach to the wellness and fitness professional who is looking to get outside the box of the industry and start learning how to grow a personal brand online that reaches people far and wide via having a virtual business and if you want an offline business, cool. BUT, to be fair today, that offline business doesn’t have to be a brick and mortar business. It can mean you run live workshops, retreats, coaching groups, events, masterminds, if you can imagine it – you can build it! As a fitness and wellness professional today – having a business DOES NOT have to be the traditional brick and mortar anymore. That model as a small business owner is becoming more challenging due to changes in people’s buying behavior, consumer habits, busy lifestyles, and mobile needs and wants. Brick and mortar still serves a purpose if you really want it, I’m just here to say – it’s not the ONLY way anymore. You see, about 5 years ago facing being broke, devastated financially from a bad business partnership gone south, having short sold my house to stay in business, stripped down the barest necessities, I made the choice to reinvent myself and invest my time learning how to build a smarter fitness mousetrap than what was being taught by the major conferences, the national certifying agencies, and most presenters and speakers. When I was in my office being told my business was a “job” not a business, was the day I began a 5 year journey studying under some of the most prolific and successful entrepreneurs in the world, from Todd Durkin, Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Darren Hardy, Bo Eason, Callan Rush, Dan Kennedy, and more, plus I devoured any book I could get my hands and ears (audio books rock) on as I committed to a book a week discipline to improve my understanding of marketing, business, high performance, leadership and entrepreneurialship. Since, those dark days, I’ve gone on to build, several brands, become the product launch manager for cutting edge fitness professionals such as Todd Durkin, a internationally recognized speaker and writer, I’ve contributed to IDEA Health, IHRSA World Conference, MindBody Conference, Australian Fitness Health Expo, Canfitpro, Fitness Business Summit and Club Industry. All this in hopes of turning around to serve you, the fitness professional, with accelerated business, marketing and most importantly high performance growth, so that you can avoid walking that long road and making the same mistakes. Today, I’m committed to sharing with you how to create a business you rock and lead a life you love!

Anna Renderer

Anna Renderer IDEA Author/Presenter

Anna Renderer is the Health and Fitness Expert for POPSUGAR TV sharing her fitness expertise developing over 50 educational online fitness video’s seen on www.fitsugar.com. Anna is the co-founder and CEO of KFIT Health, LLC, developing high quality nutrition and fitness education for children and their parents to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity www.kidfitnessandhealth.com. Anna has her Masters degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology, is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and certified Youth Fitness Specialist. She specializes in weight loss, functional training, and corrective mobility exercise. She is passionate about educating and instructing others on how to move and feel better to live a healthy and fulfilling life.