303: The Battle of the Boats and Ropes™ With SGT Ken®

Time Block G - Thursday, 4:00-5:50pm
Presented by: Sergeant Ken Weichert
Session Format: Workshop

The Battle of the Boats and Ropes With SGT Ken is an extraordinary athletic challenge utilizing the WaterRower and battle ropes. Complete with 16 safe and exciting WaterRower drills and battle rope movements, you'll be creating waves both underwater and above ground with low-impact and large results! If you love rowing and battle rope exercises, come experience both in this power-packed program designed to challenge your stamina and charge your spirit like never before!


Sergeant Ken Weichert

IDEA Author/Presenter
Ken Weichert (aka SGT Ken®) CSP™, USA-MRT, USA-MFT, ACE-GFI is an award-winning international spe... more less