627: Surge™ Reactive Stability Training

Time Block C2 - Friday, 12:30-1:45pm (Special Time)
Presented by: Casey Stutzman
Session Format: Workshop

From the people who brought you BOSU®, meet Surge, a water-filled tool that imposes top-down instability the way it happens in life. Imagine a firefighter holding a surging hose, a parent holding a wiggling toddler, or an MMA fighter breaking a hold. Surge harnesses the physics of quickly changing fluid dynamics to replicate unstable demands on the body, and creates incredible think-react muscle actions. Learn the techniques, methods and overload principles to orchestrate reactive stability exercises that challenge even your fittest clients.

Casey Stutzman

IDEA Author/Presenter
Casey Stutzman is an ACE, AFAA & FMS certified trainer and has been actively involved in the fitness... more less