900 : STRONG by Zumba®: Instructor Training

Sunday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Alex McLean

Type: Session

Item: CA19-P900


STRONG revolutionizes Zumba workouts as you know them, melding upbeat rhythms with powerful cardio and strength-conditioning moves to fire your fitness potential. Think progressive resistance and overload, plyometrics, core, and functional training using only your own body weight, all rolled into one dynamic, results-driven class guaranteed to challenge your entire body.

Relying on proven HIIT methods, but with a Zumba twist, we call our program HITTZ—High Intensity Tempo Training—Zumba style! The strength of the beat challenges you to find power, strength, speed, stamina and mobility. Optimize your workout and make every minute count as you push beyond your limits. Join the party and get fit. Sponsored by Zumba Fitness.

This course includes:
• Electronic instructor training manual
• Training recap video, delivered digitally
• STRONG by Zumba, My First Class™—60 minutes of music and moves, delivered digitally
• E-learning course with the foundational fitness moves and science behind the program
• Bonus: Ongoing music and moves on ZIN® NOW
• Fitness certification credits for instructor trainings (varies by country)
• Fitness certification credits for e-learning (varies by country)

1-hour lunch is on your own.

About the Author

Alex McLean

Alex McLean IDEA Author/Presenter