630 : Strength and Conditioning Match-Up, Powered by GRIT™ Strength

Time Block M1 - Saturday, 9:40-11:30am

Session Format : Workout

by Mike Bracko, EdD, Jeremiah Evans and Sheldon McBee, MS

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Type: Session

Item: CA14-S630


The IDEA Summer Games brings you an outdoor match-up like no other! Come learn strength and conditioning programs that can enhance performance, improve sports fitness and reduce the risk of injury. You will compete to win the gold, silver or bronze while experiencing new partner body leverage drills, exciting new equipment for strength and conditioning, and epic sport challenges. Plus, learn how Les Mills GRIT Strength can exhilarate conditioning results for any player!

About the Author

Mike Bracko, EdD

Mike Bracko, EdD IDEA Author/Presenter

My passion is working with hockey players to improve their skating performance. I do this with on-ice and off-ice training. I work with male and female players 8 yrs old to pro players. Another passion of mine is presenting at fitness shows. In particular IDEA shows - IDEA World and IDEA PT East & West. IDEA is a remarkable organization lead by two remarkable people - Peter and Kathie Davis. I love playing ice hockey, x-c-skiing, mt biking, and being in the mountains. Also love all water sports especially surfing and body boarding. Also one of my favorite things to do is taking my dog, Bailey (Black Lab) for trail runs, swimming, and just walking.

Jeremiah Evans

Jeremiah Evans IDEA Author/Presenter

Sheldon McBee, MS

Sheldon McBee, MS IDEA Author/Presenter