426: CANCELED: Stages® Indoor Cycling: Oh No, Not the Power Police!

Time Block H2 - Friday, 8:00-9:50am
Session Format: Workshop

It's official. Consoles and power measurement for indoor cycling are here to stay. But with every piece of new equipment comes “creative” misuses and abuses. Avoid getting caught by never committing a crime in the first place! Learn about the most common crimes against consoles and explore our top 10 best power practices. These Simple Sets™ will give you hours of new ride content and provide priceless aha! moments for your participants.

Pam Benchley

IDEA Author/Presenter
Pam Benchley is a master educator for Stages™ Indoor Cycling as well as a master trainer for B... more less

Cameron Chinatti

IDEA Author/Presenter
Cameron Chinatti is the director of education and lead developer of Stages™ Indoor Cycling. As... more less