694: Stages® Cycling: If You Build It (Faster!), They Will Come

Time Block S - Saturday, 1:40-3:30pm
Presented by: Pam Benchley, Emma Masters
Session Format: Workshop

How many hours do you spend trying to create that "perfect" ride profile? What if we told you there is an easier way to create purposeful, goal-driven and fun rides in no time? There is—and it's called Stages Simple Sets™! From beat junkies to power pros, we can show you the way to cut down on prep time and still deliver measurable results to your classes and clients. "Class design in no time" means less time writing and more time riding!

Pam Benchley

IDEA Author/Presenter
Hi! My name is Pam Benchley and I am in the Dunkirk/Fredonia NY area - just a bit west of Buffalo, N... more less

Emma Masters

IDEA Author/Presenter