288 : Simple Rules for Coaching Using Body Weight Exercise

Time Block F - Thursday, 2:00-3:50pm

Session Format : Workshop

by John Sinclair

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Type: Session

Item: CA14-S288


This session goes beyond “just cuing” exercise. Using body weight exercise, you will learn how to coach your students and clients whether they want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve sport performance or just feel better. The five simple rules John will introduce can be used with people of all abilities. Whether your clients/students want to work out or play out, you can teach them how to do it anywhere and at any time.

About the Author

John Sinclair

John Sinclair IDEA Author/Presenter

I am a Health Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach with 20 years of coaching experience. I am also the Programming Officer for IoM Health. We deliver world class education for Health Coaches via mobile platform delivery. I am also a consultant and programmer for some of the world's largest fitness companies. I have held positions as Master Trainer for Technogym, ViPR, Power Plate and Hyperwear and Pavigym. I am an international presenter and have presented over 150 full day and half day workshops. I have been a strength coach and performance and wellness coach for 20 years and have over 15,000 hours of coaching experience. I am the President of THE HIVE- Performance, Wellness, Education located in Davie, Florida. I am the Founder of Authentic Health Coaching.