466 : ShockWave Circuit: The Most Efficient Total-Body Workout in the World!

Time Block J2 - Friday, 2:00-3:50pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Julz Arney, Gregg Cook, Josh Crosby, Skip Jennings, Paul Katami, Jeffrey Scott and Doris Thews

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Type: Session

Item: CA14-S466


Don't miss your chance to learn to teach the ultimate group fitness workout. Build community, interaction, competition, retention and adherence with ShockWave Circuit. It's easy to teach, simple to do, but mind-blowingly unique in the way it brings out the athlete and competitive spirit in every client. Take home ideas to deliver this experience with minimal equipment, indoors or out. It's time to get amped up, get competitive and get ready to rumble!

About the Author

Julz Arney

Julz Arney IDEA Author/Presenter

Julz Arney is the owner of Team Arney, Inc. Fitness Consultants and has been a professional fitness educator for nearly 20 years. For nearly a decade she was the Education Programs Director and Lead Master Trainer for Schwinn® Cycling, where she managed a team of 45 top industry educators. Together they trained thousands of instructors each year. Julz initially carved out her unique space in the industry as a dance-fitness expert, choreographing DVD programs for the consumer and instructor and creating premier class formats for global club chains. She is the Education Manager and a master trainer for ShockWave™ and Indo-Row™ and a development team member and master trainer for BOSU®. Julz has a rich Yoga background, teaching in community outreach ventures through local schools and her church. She has twice been awarded CanFitPro’s International Presenter of the Year and has been recognized by IDEA as one of the top three instructors in the world. Julz rounds out more than two decades in the industry as an author for print and web, and a marketing and communications consultant for top fitness brands. ACE and AFAA certified.

Gregg Cook

Gregg Cook IDEA Author/Presenter

Josh Crosby

Josh Crosby IDEA Author/Presenter

Josh Crosby is the co-creator of Indo-Row and ShockWave; two international group fitness programs designed for intense, full-body, team-oriented workouts using custom-designed water-based rowing machines. Indo-Row and ShockWave have been featured in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Men's Journal, Shape, on CNN and on Extra! Josh is a former multi-sponsored Ironman triathlete and world-champion rower. Most recently he has been consulting for Orange Theory Fitness in helping to bring rowing education and fun to its members. Interested in rowing with Josh, find him at IDEA World or download his workout video: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rowingworkout

Skip Jennings

Skip Jennings IDEA Author/Presenter

Skip Jennings is the author of Spirit Explosions, Group Manager for Equinox-Pasadena, a motivational speaker, trusted transformational coach, fitness instructor at SpiroFit, Master Trainer for Schwinn Fitness and owner of Mind, Body, Spirit Solutions. Skip’s presentations have been featured with IDEA Health and Fitness Association and conventions such as: Sara City Workouts, Crunch Conventions, Can Fit Pro, and IRHSA USA and IRHSA Latin America. His transformation guidance and expertise can be found on Ideafit.com, SkipJennings.com, SpiritualNuggets.wordpress.com and many other online blogs and services. Skip Jennings has transformed the lives of many clients with spiritual principles and philosophies empowering the Mind, Body and Spirit. He is certified by AFAA, ACE, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from NYU. With 20 years of experience, over fifteen qualifications in fitness and nutrition, and licensed as spiritual counselor/life coach, Skip continues to help transform the planet one life at a time.

Paul Katami

Paul Katami IDEA Author/Presenter

Paul Katami is a group fitness manager for Equinox fitness clubs and has brought the Katami techniques to Hollywood's hottest gyms, executives, actors, models, athletes, in-home exercisers, successful infomercial products and more. He has appeared on QVC, the Shopping Channel, the Learning Channel, several news stories, and in local gyms across the United States and Canada. Certifications: ACE and AFAA Education provider for: ACE and AFAA

Jeffrey Scott

Jeffrey Scott IDEA Author/Presenter

Doris Thews

Doris Thews IDEA Author/Presenter