713: Sell to Survive, and Thrive!

Time Block G1 - Saturday, 11:50am-1:05pm
Presented by: Sherri McMillan, MSc
Session Format: Lecture

You can have a solid understanding of exercise physiology and programming but if you can’t convince a potential client to invest in your services, it’ll be impossible to succeed. In this session, you’ll learn the words that enhance the selling process, how to overcome typical objections and how to develop a first phone call or consultation script. You’ll review the best ways to perform a complimentary session, how to effectively encourage client referrals and which phrases to use when it’s time to “close the sale.“ Most personal trainers are uncomfortable with the selling aspect of personal training, but after this session, you’ll walk away with the skills to generate more revenue and make life a lot easier.

Sherri McMillan, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sherri McMillan, MSc, has been inspiring the world to fitness for almost 25 years. She has received ... more less