630B: SELL More Vision and Be a Rainmaker in Your Business (IDEA Club & Studio Summit)

Time Block Q3 - Saturday, 10:50-11:50am (Special Time)
Session Format: Panel Discussion
- Overlaps Time Block Q

Selling fitness services starts with selling a vision. Learn how three leading studio owners and entrepreneurs turned their passion for fitness into a profitable business. Hear their top tips for selling vision, selling services and selling their unique brand in their community. These owners are rainmakers and influencers and you can be, too.

Travis Barnes

IDEA Author/Presenter
Travis Barnes is owner and CEO of Journey Fitness, which includes 5 locations. He is an ACE certifie... more less

Mark Fisher

IDEA Author/Presenter
Mark Fisher is a co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness, the fitness home of choice for the Broadway commun... more less

Ashley Selman, MA

IDEA Author/Presenter
Ashley Selman, MA, is the founder of Evolution Trainers, a 14,000-square-foot elite personal trainin... more less