502 : Run Your Business and Life Like a Boss: The Savvy Trainer’s Guide to Success

Thursday, 10:00am-5:00pm

Session Format : Lecture

by Trina Gray

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Type: Session

Item: VA19-P502


Fitness professionals are leading experts in fitness and wellness, but often lack the mentoring and support they need to grow their careers and create a dream life. If that sounds like you, this is your must-attend preconference session. Ditch the daily grind of feeling overwhelmed and overworked and learn to run your business like a boss.

Spend a hands-on day with 2018 IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year, Trina Gray, to learn proven business strategies and life lessons that will lead to greater job satisfaction and more work-life balance. Chock full of solutions, this action-packed seminar, will give you a chance to learn, write, ask and work. You’ll work on your personal growth, your leadership and your time management, as well as your business, your branding, your revenues streams and your goals. You will leave with more focus, more directions and more confidence, as well as a blueprint to grow your business and career.

Your whole year will change with this one seminar.

About the Author

Trina Gray

Trina Gray IDEA Author/Presenter

I love the business of fitness. I love coaching fitness professionals to do more with their skills and talents to change their communities. I teach trainers how to celebrate their way to success with smart business practices, savvy marketing and social media skills. My specialty is corporate fitness, on-line training, as well as owning and operating a full-service health club and a personal training studio. I am passionate and feel called to share it.