697 : Rhythm Nation- A Dance Extravaganza

Time Block N - Saturday, 1:45-3:35pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Tahneetra Crosby, Alex McLean, Tricia Murphy-Madden and Manuel Velasquez

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Type: Session

Item: CA15-S697


Come check out the dance programs that are rocking the bodies of members from east to west and north to south. Take away choreography from all over the country and decide whether your neck of the woods is ready for what's happening elsewhere. This session is a nonstop cardio journey around the country with some of the industry's most fly instructors.

About the Author

Tahneetra Crosby

Tahneetra Crosby IDEA Author/Presenter

Tahneetra Crosby is a senior master trainer and development team member with Qignition for QiDance and QiForze. With over 12 years experience as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer, Tahneetra is also a senior course instructor for TRX®. She specializes in personal training, dance, boot camp, resistance and interval-style classes with an emphasis on the fun factor of exercise. Tahneetra created a strength and cardio program as the featured trainer for SELF Magazine's March 2010 SELF Challenge issue. Certifications: AFAA and NASM

Alex McLean

Alex McLean IDEA Author/Presenter

Tricia Murphy-Madden

Tricia Murphy-Madden IDEA Author/Presenter

Manuel Velasquez

Manuel Velasquez IDEA Author/Presenter

Manuel Velazquez, is a Global fitness and continue education provider, author and mind & body and wellness master trainer. He was an original Group Fitness Lead Instructor for the Golden Door Spa in Puerto Rico for many years, winning Condè Nast Awards for first place in spa programming worldwide, and he received the 2016 and 2017 SCW Fitness Male Presenter of the Year award and the 2011 ECA OBOW All-Around International Presenter of the Year award in NYC on Broadway. Thanks to his versatility contributing to the fitness industry for over twenty years, he teaches continuing education to professionals worldwide at events like IDEA World, London Fit Pro, Asia Fitness Conventions, and CanFitPro, (Montreal and Vancouver editions). He exudes versatility in being an educator in both traditional (core, HIIT, Sport conditioning) and mindful work (yoga, Pilates, T’ai Chi, fusion) in both aquatic and land environments. He draws from his dance background in designing different dance-based fitness training programs and certifications like "Hot Latin Cardio" and "Ay Caramba: the authentic Latin fitness dance program, respectively, published by SCW Fitness. Manuel is an AFAA Examiner and appears in many of their LQA online training programming like “Cream Rises,” “Sunrise Yoga,” and “Yo-Chi”™. He also leads full-day certification trainings in yoga, aquatics, and T’ai Chi for SCW. Forming part of the continuing education faculty of ACE, AFAA, SCW, AEA, FG2000, and WaterInMotion®, Manuel is also a National Master trainer for BOSU® and Barre Biz Method for Savvier Fitness and TABATA Bootcamp.