828 : Resistance Tubing—Go Beyond the Basics!

Time Block Y - Sunday, 9:40-11:30am

Session Format : Workshop

by Aileen Sheron

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Type: Session

Item: CA17-S828


This workshop showcases the tremendous versatility of resistance tubing, integrating strength, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises. Learn to create combinations with a limitless variety of both functional and traditional exercises. Find out how to optimize anchoring, placement and line of pull to provide different approaches to the targeted muscles, then throw in a variety of speeds, rhythms and positions to optimize body work. From standing to seated, to all positions on the floor, tubing can really do it all.

About the Author

Aileen Sheron

Aileen Sheron IDEA Author/Presenter

An innovator and fitness entrepreneur since 1979, Aileen Sheron has starred in over thirty exercise videos and has been featured on TV, radio, and in print as a fitness expert. An international presenter and continuing education provider for over 26 years, she is the inventor of the patented OmniBallĀ®, as well as other products, and consults on product and program development. Certifications: ACE and AFAA