624 : RealRyder® Cycling: Cardio Games

Time Block P - Saturday, 7:30-9:20am

Session Format : Workshop

by Casey Stutzman and Adam Reid

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Type: Session

Item: CA18-S624


Match cardio training with high-energy interaction that keeps your riders engaged and accountable. Learn how competition, coaching and psychology enhance the fun factor and guarantee results. What works best? Trash talk, positive reinforcement or friendly competition? Learn to guide group ladders, solo leads, sprint pyramid builds, teammate tag and coach, pedal with the pack and follow the leader. Leave with six new interactive game formats that you can implement in your classes tomorrow. Let the games begin!

About the Author

Casey Stutzman

Casey Stutzman IDEA Author/Presenter

Casey Stutzman is an ACE, AFAA & FMS certified trainer and has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 2004. He is the owner of the Performance Locker, a personal performance training studio in Alpena Michigan. Casey’s love of athletics and competition drove him in to the fitness industry. He uses his experience as a division 1 college football player, amateur bodybuilding competitor, strongman competitor & endurance athlete to help others reach their goals in all areas of fitness. Casey spends his time training clients and athletes to meet the challenges of life and sport. He has worked with and developed strength and conditioning programs & performance training for a number of local athletic organizations and teams. As an Ignite Performance Master trainer and Master Instructor for TRX Casey travels North America to educate and connect with fitness professionals to help them offer more to their clients and athletes. In 2012 he teamed up with Hedstrom Fitness to develop training methods and programming for the Surge & currently represents Surge and BOSU as a Master Trainer. Casey is an International presenter in the Fitness industry teaching a number of professional courses each month and has spoke at both IDEA World and Can Fit Pro. Time outside of fitness is occupied with reading, travel, indoor rock climbing, snow sports and being an active outdoorsman. He enjoys spending free time with his wife Mary Beth, his daughter Vesper, son Indiana and Turkish the family dog. You can connect with Casey at www.CaseyStutzman.com

Adam Reid

Adam Reid IDEA Author/Presenter

Adam Reid is recognized as one of the leading indoor cycling instructors in Los Angeles. His teaching passion is driven by 16 years of cycling through heavy traffic and inclement weather in Manchester, London, San Francisco and New York. Since moving to Los Angeles in 1999, he has continued to share his enthusiasm for fitness and cycling by teaching more than 5000 classes. Adam is certified by AFAA in group fitness, NASM in personal training, and Schwinn®, Spinning® and Keiser® in indoor cycling. Through his classes he teaches the fundamentals of real cycling and takes riders on a journey with clearly defined challenges in a format that accommodates entry level riders through champions. Adam is Customer Care Manager and Lead Master Trainer for RealRyder® International.