470B: REACH More Clients: Be Loud and Proud (IDEA Club & Studio Summit)

Time Block M3 - Friday, 2:40-3:40pm (Special Time)
Presented by: Michael Piercy
Session Format: Lecture
- Overlaps Time Block M

Reach more of the right clients. It starts by knowing your brand, digging into your community and rolling up your sleeves to create momentum. As a thriving new studio owner, Michael will share how to develop relationships with local government and community organizations that lead to referrals. He'll teach how to carve a niche in your neighborhood for programs like 30-minute HIIT workouts, athletic conditioning and workplace wellness. Be loud and proud of what you offer. Reach more clients by implementing these tips from the trenches.

Michael Piercy

IDEA Author/Presenter
Michael came into the fitness industry full time following a career in professional baseball in whic... more less