234 : Perform at the Speed of Life

Time Block E - Thursday, 8:10-10:00am

Session Format : Workshop

by Peter Twist, MSc

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Type: Session

Item: CA13-S234


It’s time to boost your training by implementing a long-term strategy that continues to push traditional performance boundaries. Create world-class workouts using this design formula that captures the essence of science + methodology + exercise selection. Achieve results using a systematic approach to training cycles while mixing the art with the science of coaching. Leave with practical program design solutions that offer real-life application for training anyone who aspires to live life in high gear!

About the Author

Peter Twist, MSc

Peter Twist, MSc IDEA Author/Presenter

Peter Twist, MSc, is the president and CEO of Twist Conditioning, Inc. He is an exercise physiologist with a specialization in coaching science. Having coached in the NHL for 11 years, Peter has worked with over 700 professional athletes. Peter received the National Strength and Conditioning Association's 1998 President's Award and the Can-Fit-Pro 2003 Specialty Presenter of the Year award. Certifications: NSCA