12 : Nutrition in the News!

Wednesday, 9:00am-12:00pm

Session Format : Preconference

by Jenna Bell-Wilson, PhD, RD, LD, Scott Josephson, MS, RD and Shawn Dolan, PhD, RD

Type: Session

Item: CA09-P012


Join us for IDEA’s first-ever nutrition preconference session. We have assembled three topics that have been in the headlines over the last year. Come get the latest information on eating green for better health (and a better environment), the lowdown on sugar and sugar substitutes and the research on vitamin D and its far-reaching affects.

Eating Green
Jenna Bell-Wilson, PhD, RD
Eating “green” has become synonymous with sustainability, locally grown and a more conscientious way of planning your meals. We will discuss this “slow food” movement, its characteristics and how you can healthfully, conveniently and easily incorporate this green trend into your daily living.

Sugar Sabotage!
Scott Josephson, MS, RD
Sugar or artificial sweetener! What should you use? This session will discuss several sources of sugar, including sucrose, fructose, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners (like Splenda® and Equal®), high fructose corn syrups, honey and others. Walk away with a better understanding of the composition of sugars and sweeteners, how they are metabolized, acceptable daily intake and their effects on appetite, weight loss, fat storage and stability.

Vitamin D: Expose Yourself to the Benefits
Shawn Dolan, PhD, RD
It is well know that vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, plays an important physiological role in bone health. However, the latest research uncovers other vital functions of vitamin D, particularly related to chronic disease prevention. This lecture will teach you about the role vitamin D plays in osteoporosis and beyond by exploring links to hypertension, diabetes and cancer. You can’t afford not to soak up your D!

A Certificate of Completion will be provided.

By Jenna Bell-Wilson, PhD, RD, LD, Scott Josephson, MS, RD, Shawn Dolan, PhD, RD

About the Author

Jenna Bell-Wilson, PhD, RD, LD

Jenna Bell-Wilson, PhD, RD, LD IDEA Author/Presenter

Dr. Jenna A. Bell is the co-author of Energy to Burn: The Ultimate Food & Nutrition Guide to Fuel your Active Lifestyle (John Wiley & Sons 2009) and Launching Your Dietetics Career (ADA 2011), Nutrition Communications Consultant and member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Today’s Dietitian. Dr. Bell is a leader with the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics as the current Chair-Elect (2012-2013) for the Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group and past member of the Academy’s House of Delegates, Nominating Committee and New Member Advisory Committee. She is an international presenter for healthcare professionals and consumers, and her expertise have been featured in Us Weekly, Self Magazine, Fitness magazine, Pilates Style, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, IDEA Fitness Journal, IDEA Health and Fitness Source, IDEA Personal Trainer, other print publications and on the web. She’s been published in scientific journals, and appeared on the Daily Buzz, ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates, local and national radio programs and podcasts. Jenna is a Nutrition Advisor to international sports nutrition companies, and co-founder of Swim, Bike, Run, Eat!. She has provided nutrition seminars at major athletic events like the Boston Marathon, the ING New York City Marathon, Bank of American Chicago Marathon and the Ford Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI. Jenna is a two-time Ironman Finisher and completed three marathons. In addition, she has competed in numerous sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and road races. Dr. Bell earned her doctorate with Distinction in Health and Human Performance with an emphasis on Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico, Masters Degree with Distinction in Nutrition and dietetic internship, and Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences from the University of New Hampshire. She is a popular speaker and writer for IDEA Fitness Journal.

Scott Josephson, MS, RD

Scott Josephson, MS, RD IDEA Author/Presenter

Scott is a nationally recognized award winning speaker who has been published over 100 times, and has been featured in educational webinars, videos and DVDs sold worldwide. As a well-recognized industry leader with extensive experience, Scott delivers tremendous passion and influence to vast audiences, associations, communities, corporations, private groups and a vast array of health, fitness and wellness professionals. Scott is the recipient of the 2005 Director of the Year for Teaching Excellence, the 2010 Specialty Presenter of the Year, the 2011 Citizen of the Year Award, and is on the International Advisory Boards for the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, and the Canadian Fitness Professionals and Associates. He previous served as an operating partner at The Center for Nutritional Research and Treatment, and as the Director of Operations at the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute.

Shawn Dolan, PhD, RD

Shawn Dolan, PhD, RD IDEA Author/Presenter

Shawn Dolan, PhD, RD, is an assistant professor in the kinesiology department at California State University, Long Beach. Shawn’s research focuses on the role nutrition and exercise play in performance and wellness with an emphasis on endurance athletes and fitness professionals.