449 : Myofascial Compression™ Techniques: PreGen® and Prepare

Time Block I - Friday, 10:10am-12:00pm

Session Format : Workshop

by Cassidy Phillips and the TriggerPoint™ Team

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Type: Session

Item: CA15-S449


PreGeneration is a vital component in preparing your clients' bodies to accept and withstand the demands made on the muscles and soft tissue during exercise and daily activities! Coupled with hydration and breathing, trainers can use TriggerPoint methodologies to increase tissue tolerance, optimize muscle length and allow for optimal overall muscle function. This workshop will cover the full body releases and programming tips integral to providing the body with a comprehensive PreGen program.

About the Author

Cassidy Phillips

Cassidy Phillips IDEA Author/Presenter

Cassidy Phillips is a biomechanical specialist concentrating on sports performance, injury prevention and the muscular structure that supports the efforts of the body in motion. His objective is to recognise the biomechanical challenges of movement and actions of everyday life and marry them with the biomechanical inefficiencies recognised within patterns of movement defined by a sport of choice or through sedentary patterns of movement such as sitting, walking and running.

the TriggerPoint™ Team

the TriggerPoint™ Team IDEA Author/Presenter