647: Mix Up Your Client's Routine With 10-Minute Quick-Fix Workouts

Time Block R - Saturday, 9:40-11:30am
Presented by: Sherri McMillan, MSc
Session Format: Workshop

Our world is busier than ever and despite advances in the health and fitness industry, our population continues to get fatter and less fit. Since a lack of time is the number-one reason people claim they don't exercise, let's meet our clients where they are, and provide them with 10-minute, effective, full-body workouts they can do anywhere using no or minimal equipment. Let's approach fitness with the mindset that something is better than nothing, and teach our clients that 10 minutes can do the trick!

Sherri McMillan, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter
Sherri McMillan, M.Sc. has been inspiring the world to adopt a fitness lifestyle for over 20 years a... more less