652: Mindset Mastery-Resiliency, Happiness and Peak Performance (IDEA Success Academy)

Time Block Q - Saturday, 9:50-11:40am
Presented by: Peter Twist, MSc
Session Format: Lecture

Shift your mindset to change how life interacts with you. Coaching and training are energy-giving disciplines in a challenging industry. We focus so much of our time on helping others achieve their goals, we can get burned out and lose perspective. In this session, you'll learn to identify the key guardrails that keep you on track and moving forward. You'll also learn a mind-set that's worthy of adopting into all aspects of life, as well as the key strategies required to overcome challenges, walk taller through difficulties, achieve great goals and more.

Peter Twist, MSc

IDEA Author/Presenter
Peter Twist, MSc, is the president and CEO of Twist Conditioning, Inc. He is an exercise physiologis... more less