650: Life Time Club Spotlight: Life Power Yoga—The Yoga Signature Sampler

Time Block S - Saturday, 9:40-11:30am
Session Format: Workshop

Experience four beautiful approaches to yoga with a common thread in this one session. ROOT down to grow wings and be ready to fly, in what will start as a grounded, sensation-based yoga experience. Then transform into FLOW, a dynamic vinyasa that synchronizes breath and movement, flowing one pose to the next to build heat in the body, and then use this heat in longer held poses to open up the body, mind and spirit. Next, SURRENDER with yin, fascia stretching and healing poses. Finish your practice with BE, where you can develop a conscious, calm mind through meditation.


Rob Glick

IDEA Author/Presenter
Rob is the Senior Director of Programming and Innovation for Large Group, Small Group, Yoga and Cycl... more less

Tory Schaefer

IDEA Author/Presenter

Eric Jeffers

IDEA Author/Presenter

Heidi Cohen

IDEA Author/Presenter